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Stacy L shares:

Well, I'll put that right out there. I saved my BBB complaint in full. You can read clearly my story and the responses from Brio Birth, LLC for yourselves. I think it clearly shows how they manipulate the truth and never admit their own faults.


  1. Hi! I'm Chris! You may remember me from such classics as "Mr. Ellen", "Brio Sucker #1", the controversial yet powerful "F*** You, Naomi!", or the understated "Kyle Thomas Physically Attacked My Wife And All I Got Was This TRO".

    My main story is one of money. Specifically, $40,000 of my money that I foolishly lent to Brio Birth in its darkest hour (that being the AAHCC lawsuit). With my wife being personally named on the lawsuit, I felt like I had to do something. I floated the idea, and Kyle promised me, with every bit of snake oil he could muster, that investors would be signing on the dotted line any day now. Like the idiot I was, I believed it, so I arranged to get the money and provide it to Brio.

    You want details? Well, I have details! The total cost of the loan was $43,000 and change. The monthly payment was to be $800. (I have submitted the loan agreement to BSR, but for whatever reason it has not been posted yet.) Those numbers represented my costs, as I got the money from my retirement. I even put the loan into forebearance for several months because I'm such a nice (read: stupid and naive) guy. In late April 2011, I decided it was time to start collecting, so I sent a bill for $800, due 1 June. What was the response? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    In late May 2011, I learned enough extra about Kyle's underhanded dealings and lies that I realized I had enough to hold Brio in default of the loan. Accordingly, I sent a default notice. Still nothing. Not even an attempt to work with me, because Kyle Thomas thinks that a personal grudge is an acceptable reason to not honor one's obligations.

    On top of this, I could go on and on about the late nights, the lost weekends, and the treatment of my lovely wife...but that's a novel, not a comment on a blog post.

    What's the lesson? Don't be dumb like me. Keep your eyes and brain open. If I knew then what I know now, I'd take that money and get Ellen her own lawyer, and get out of the mess as quickly and cleanly as possible.

  2. While the impact of the unethical way that Brio Birth has operated has NOT had a direct personal impact on me, the profession of childbirth education has suffered. The current claim that they are the "Fastest Growing Childbirth Education Company" is so false and reflects poorly when the claim is made while they have only facebook likes and nothing else.

  3. Brio Birth started out as Bradley Reborn. Unknown by most involved it was really just a hostile takeover of the Bradley Method. Kyle told everyone that he had investors and was going to purchase the rights to Bradley. In recorded phone calls the truth came out that he was threatening to destroy Bradley if he didn't get what he wanted.

    The Bradley people were able to get a temporary restraining order against Kyle and Bradley Reborn. We were told that this was all because of the underhanded behavior of the Bradley attorney's and an incompetent judge.

    There was a preliminary hearing at which it became clear that Kyle was a liar of monumental proportions. His brother-in-law/attorney was embarrassing. And to top it off Dr Bradley's daughters were deposed and put on the stand when all they thought they were there for was a Christmas party. Kyle and his attorney had told everyone that Bradley Method had faked the letter granting them the rights to the name, but one of the daughters testified that she had typed the letter for her father, and verified its authenticity. In the end the judge ruled that there was a high likelihood that Bradley would prevail, so a Preliminary Injunction was granted and a trial was set. Keep in mind that we were all told that there was nothing to worry about because Bradley Reborn was handling everything above board.

    Shortly after the hearing Brio Birth was born. Amazingly Kyle already owned the domain, and a review of the phone calls has Kyle referring to it as Brio before the launch of Bradley Reborn.

    At some point in all of this Kyle handed over the Presidency of Brio to Ellen. It was claimed that Kyle never intended on being head of BR/BB, but from what Ellen has said she was never allowed to be anything more than a figurehead.

    We were told that Brio would be different, and open. Regional Reps were named, and then shortly afterwards they all resigned. We have since learned that some of them never even wanted to be Regional Reps, and that none of them received the compensation that was promised.

  4. The lawsuit by Bradley was eventually settled with a permanent injunction being issued against BR/BB preventing them from using the name Bradley, and an agreement to pay $60,000 in damages to the Bradley people. $10,000 was paid, but then of course Kyle never made another payment. Because of that default the judgment has been increased to $150,000 minus the $10,000 that was already paid.

    It looked like Brio was dead only to be once again saved, and this time by Karl and Embrion Group Inc. What eventually came out is that Karl/Embrion bought the rights to Brio and all of its intellectual property just weeks before Kyle signed the settlement. Of course this was not told to the judge in the case. Everything suddenly became Brio Birth as licensed to Embrion.

    The Brio accounts were seized to pay the judgment, but they were already empty, and they were using new accounts in the name of Embrion.

    Then came the parking pass scam. Kyle arranged to have two tv interviews to announce they were selling handicap parkind passes for pregnant women. Luckily the news reporters had done their home work and both interviews quickly turned against Kyle and informed him that this was illegal under state law. Kyle's answer to being accused of selling fake parking passes was to say that he was selling them, but never promised to deliver them.

    Throughout this there have been numerous accusations of fraud, domestic violence, assault, libel, and harrassment.

    Recently Karl tried to sell Brio Birth to the Bradley people, but they were not interested.

    Brio Birth, LLC, the company that Kyle started to run Brio is now in "noncompliant status" in the state of Colorado. This is the second time it has been that way. Embrion Group Inc. the company that Karl started to take over Brio Birth is now in Revoked status in Nevada for never filing its required paperwork.

    Apparently there have been numerous blowups between Karl and Kyle and finally the two have split. Karl claims to own the rights to the name, the workbook, the website, and all the social media. Karl began taking down the content that has been reported as stolen only to have Kyle convince Facebook that he was the owner. Kyle has once again begun spreading his lies through the Facebook page, and this finally lead Karl to repoint to this blog.

    1. I'd just like to clarify the parking pass bit.

      Sadly, other people within the company were trying to do this, legitimately, with the intention of honestly helping protect pregnant women. In Colorado, a lot of pregnant women do get hurt slipping on ice in the winter. It came from a good place. In fact, avenues were being taken to talk to the right government people to get things worked out perfectly.

      So what happened?

      Interviews got set up with the news by Kyle, despite the insistence to wait until it WAS all ready to go, legal, and functional. Proper routes to legality were being researched by some of the ethical people within the company. One of the meetings with people who could make this happen was canceled, the morning before the interviews, and everyone encouraged Kyle to cancel the interviews. But the interviews continued.

      Websites were set up without knowledge or approval from anyone else within the company including the website manager, passes were printed before they were legal (and weren't even paid for after printing, aside from the few given to reporters as "visual aids"). For everyone but Kyle, the discovery of the pages to purchase the passes already was a nasty surprise. After all, the beginning stages of making them legal were still just starting -- it could be a year or more before it worked, IF it worked at all. So of course, taking money for something already was a disgusting and sleezy move.

      Like many other things, the only person who intended to scam anyone was Kyle himself, and other people had to try to clean up this mess to the best of their ability while he dug a deeper and deeper grave.

    2. Seems like that would have been a good time to fire him. Why did he allow Kyle to continue to represent him after doing that? Why did it take so long to put an end to working together?

      When will the facebook page be taken back and a stop put to their scam?

    3. Karl always has a lot on his plate. He wasn't prepared or able to take over the business of Brio Birth at that time. I tried to persuade him to at the time, but to no avail. The week after the parking pass incident we were in TX, Karl was teaching a class there, and I remember vividly being in the hotel room when Kyle called. I had been trying to do damage control with friends who were posting the news clips and in public groups. I was explaining what anonymous 5:16 just did, and Kyle called in an absolute rage! This was one of the times when he accused me of trying to bring down the business, and I wasn't to be trusted, and told Karl that he needed to shut his woman up or get his woman under control (something that he has expressed on several occasions, and even Naomi has said, or screamed it, during one of her hysterical fits of rage). I remember pacing the room shaking, not believing the anger and the misinterpretation! I was trying to save the business at this time, I hadn't given up hope that our significant investment could be saved and turned around. What really upset me was he was accusing me of contradicting his "public statement." I was only telling the truth, so if it was contradicting what he had publicly stated then he was obviously being dishonest, and there was no reason to be dishonest about what happened, except perhaps, he didn't want to take responsibility for the mistakes he had made. I have a box full of these parking passes (more than $1,000 worth) in my garage as I type. It still makes me so angry to think of that whole situation. Karl is a patient and trusting man, and a very busy one. He should have started shutting it all down after the parking passes, but he didn't. He did stop pouring money into it after that though, and that was the beginning of the end for us.

    4. Ivy did it occur to you or Karl, that if the state did approve handicap parking passes for pregnant women, they would be the ones printing them, and selling them? Even if the law were to have been changed your $1,000 in parking passes was a complete waste of money.

  5. "Just the Facts" - thank you! That is an excellent summary. In addition to all of this, in the early stages during the attempted hostile takeover phase, Kyle promised many people large cash bonuses, salaries, insurance benefits, etc. and got a lot of people to do a ton of work based solely on his word (which, it was discovered, isn't worth much). He made grandiose claims about having investors and presented official-looking documents with his profit projections. For people who don't know much about business, it looked great. He preyed on women's desires to help others, and to potentially make a decent living doing something they love. He is a con artist of the worst kind.

  6. Kyle has made it a habitual practice of his scams to presell that which was not yet a reality. Then he would spend the money to survive and to enjoy (vacation drives, shopping trips...) and then just say, "sorry, oh well, we will reimburse you eventually" when he could not deliver. And then never reimburse you. E.V.I.L. And Naomi classic battered woman syndrome. We saw the bruise pictures she posted and then quickly took down two years ago.

  7. WOW. I was approached via by Naomi more than 1 year ago. I was quite flattered that I was sought on for my expert advice in my field. I spent hours on the phone with Naomi & Kyle over the next few days and was promised endless streams of passive income just from sharing my knowledge on their site. I was sent my first piece and over delivered (no pun intended) in terms of timelines and content. Guess, what? I never saw a dime. PLUS, they removed my name from the article and made it look like someone from their "company" wrote it.

    I have repeatedly attempted contacting them and consistently get the "We're traveling this week, but will be in touch when we get back." More than a year later and I'm still waiting. Today I was curious to see if my article is still being used, but when I entered the URL I was pointed to this forum... Imagine my surprise!

    I am supposed to be in contact in the very near future and am wondering if I should just cancel my correspondence or ask some very pointed questions of Naomi directly when we speak. Thoughts? Advice?

    I am remaining vague and anonymous for now, in case I decide to continue with my correspondence, I think the anonymity will serve me.

  8. Anon 9:05,

    Wow, sorry to hear this! I think the blog has gotten a bit dead lately and not many come back and look at it.

    I did ask questions of Naomi when I was involved and here's what you'll get..."those are just people wanting to create trouble" or "see that's only one side, look for the whole truth." or "that's not exactly true" or "they are disgruntled and left us when we are trying to reach 1 million babies, mothers, and fathers" And then you'll hear Kyle coaching her in the background.

    So if you want to ask those questions, just be prepared to be disappointed in getting no clear answers. They do cheat and harm and lie and will never ever admit they do that. Then they will claim YOU are the problem and holding them back. Just know you'll be angry after the call. But if you want to ask go ahead. You'll be in the same place as before the call, angry and without compensation for your hard work.

    And when you are prepared to...share your work! File a complaint and warn others before they are emotionally ruined.

  9. Sorry, Anon 9:05, but I think you will never see a cent for your efforts. Be grateful you only put a few hours of effort into writing one piece. Others put hundreds of hours -- or thousands of dollars -- into this black hole known as Brio Birth.

  10. karl is a thief and ivy is blind to her 'good' mormon husband