Monday, October 8, 2012


As Brio's scams pick up more steam, this blog will hopefully be doing the same.  I apologize for the long period of silence.  A whole lot of life has gotten in the way of posting here.  I have a few things people have sent me to post, and am working on more of the back story to get newer people more up to speed.  Some of the comments left may inspire posts, too.  I'm afraid the trolls that plagued Brio Vent (and quite possibly some of the arch scammers themselves) have found their way to this blog, and I am going to do all that I can to keep this a SAFE place.  Please remember that the same community rules from Brio Vent apply - no libel, no fact-free or dishonest emotional defenses of Brio (you are welcome to post those to the spaces that they control, where people sharing their negative experiences with Brio are summarily shut down), you are welcome to remain anonymous, but please consider using your name or at least a consistent anonymous user ID.  I do reserve the right to remove posts that are not in line with the goal of this blog.  I encourage you, as a reading community, to self-police, and to e-mail me at if you feel that there is anything on this blog - comment or content - that should be edited, deleted, or even retracted.  I have already responded to requests in this regard, and will continue to do so.  Stay tuned for another post soon, with a lovely bit by an insightful contributor!

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