Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ask Karl

In the wake of Kylomi regaining control of the Brio Facebook Page, the silence from Karl is deafening.

Please bump any outstanding questions for Karl into this thread - hopefully this will help to organize things a bit if he has been offline.


  1. Funny! I hope he does the right thing. Ivy posted on her personal wall that Brio banned her on Jan. 15th. Also, Brio is now using a gmail account and is still suckering people into giving them money for classes they'll never get.
    1. what are you doing to regain control of the Brio FB page?
    2. once you get control of it again, are you planning on shutting it down (but first posting what transpired)?
    3. If they are still selling trainings, where is that money going? Are you receiving it? The Hathaways?

    Give us some details, please!!!

  2. Also did anyone else notice that the Brio Birth fan numbers have been dropping slightly each day?

  3. A re-post of questions that were previously ignored...

    - what would he value Brio's current assets at? Just a number, please.

    - does he plan to continue his Brio vent lawsuit? I thought it was for libel. But now he is beginning to see it was all true, right?

    - why does he want to keep the Facebook page? It is not a unique resource for those who are actually looking for such a thing, as eloquently expressed by many experts on this very forum, and those Brio Birth fans looking for that type of resource community may number in the hundreds (if that), but certainly not in the tens of thousands.

    - can he admit his part in this? He still seems to be pointing the finger at others - you were mean to me, so I couldn't accept your information and experience! If a thin skin prevents due diligence or consideration of information that due diligence reveals, bad investments are likely.

    And another question - not mine, but I second it...
    - What is going to happen to the people who have paid for a training? If they have not gotten it, and now probably won't? If they did get a training, but now have no actual organization to support them, which is part of what they bought into?

  4. Have you, Karl, reported Kyle to the CO state's attorney for fraud? Will you? How about to his bishop in the church? He and Naomi are certainly not deserving of temple recommend?

  5. Not written by me, butJanuary 26, 2013 at 11:53 PM

    I would bump the post from "Laura" on Jan 22:

    Let me start by saying I'm not a birth professional. I'm not someone who has been scammed by BRIO, but I simply know people who were.

    Please tell me why on earth you would now want to be in any way associated with Brio? The facebook page and the website are assets in that they are a name with some ligitamate following behind them, and while I understand that spending money on a business and not getting back anything but grief is most likely frustrating, we are talking about a very caring group of people here who were badly hurt and scammed -you included. I truly don't understand why you can't let go of this? Your desire to help others by keeping the facebook page open is noble I suppose if not somewhat self centered. LLL and ICAN and other organizations can answer these questions too. If you are a man of faith I would personally think that you would have a hard time hurting others. By keeping your association and retaining the web resources you are hurting all those people who have had their time, money and inntellectual property stolen. I know it's hard to admit that .. but that is the truth. You yourself have admitted to not having the time to cleanse and get rid of stolen content on those sites. Don't you see that this further wounds people? Sort of like rubbing salt in old wounds.

    In a previous response you said that you don't like hate. I have a hard time believing that the liable suit with briovent is anything but hate. And yet you persist. Brio died because Kyle and Naomi had no money and couldn't fund their dream, and on top of it they had no respect for others property or other people. So much so that they were willing to lie, steal and cheat to get the resources they needed.

    Brio as it was, as you believed in it is dead. It was decietful, hurtful, and poisonous. Let it die. Let go and forgive and move on. Forgiveness is a gift -- it is as much for you as for others. By defending and engaging in battles you only perpetuate what was begun by someone who we all know is beyond ethics. I would ask that you would search your heart and ask? Why can't I forgive? Moving on and closing everything down would be the most healing solution for everyone involved and if you aren't about hate-- then could you be about healing instead? Sometimes it's better to be kind - than it is to be RIGHT. I think what most people here are asking you to do is to be kind. No, you probably don't have to -- but you could. You could drop the lawsuit, and shut down the facebook page and the website leaving links to reputuble sources. You could do that. I challenge you to be kind. I challenge you to let this go- and let people heal.

  6. Karl said he had friends at Facebook, and could easily get the name changed even though it is against Facebook policy. If so why can't he get his group back? Either he doesn't own, or he doesn't have any friends at Facebook that could help. Either way another lie.

  7. Think about it. If someone (a friend) scammed you out of THOUSANDS of dollars, and you got dragged through the mud because of it, wouldn't it be emotionally exhausting?

    Karl and Ivy are good people. I'm sure they will share their info on these matters once they're ready. This entire thing has been difficult for them too. Betrayal by friends, ripped off by friends, dragged through the mud by peers, when truly, they were scammed by Kyle and Naomi just as much as the next person.

  8. A lot of the people that were scammed did not have the benefit of the court documents, and recorded phone calls. Karl promised that he would read and listen to all of it when he first got involved.

    Sorry, Karl is not innocent in all of this. He fell for the same get rich quick scam, but he knew what he was getting into before he did. He wasn't scammed, but was an integral part of scamming others.