Sunday, December 9, 2012

BirthLIVE Redux

So a week after the big statement was promised, it was published.  The initial reaction: it took them a week to come up with this drivel?  It doesn't make any sense!

It is with sad hearts and disappointed hopes that Brio Birth is announcing the cancellation of our very first birthLIVE birth.

Quite possibly the only true thing in the statement.  We should just stop here.

... No?  Then proceed, intrepid reader, but don your hip waders and watch out for Pinocchio's nose!

While we have received a ton of support and there has been much excitement there has also been a small but determined group of individuals whose focus has been to destroy this opportunity for not only the mother that was bravely willing to share her birth, for all of the mothers who could have been inspired by this birth and for the producer, Brio Birth whose desire is to help educate women everywhere.

How are they measuring "support", exactly, other than in weight? Maybe we should try measuring in Brio's favorite units - currency.  When you subtract contributions by the Brio Bunch and known cronies (leaving in the questionable "Anonymous" contributions), they raised approximately $500 out of a proposed $25,000, or 2% of their goal.  That doesn't seem like a "ton" of support, at least not where it really counts.  And those monies were refunded to the contributors when their campaign was yanked - Eureka!  The small but determined group of individuals must have been the Indiegogo staff team, who openly told inquirers that they pulled the campaign because it was too high risk (which appears to be a politically correct way of saying "probable fraud").

Surprisingly much of this destructive activity has not come from the medical world hoping to stop the mainstream acceptance of home birth and the choice to have a vaginal birth after a cesarean section, (VBAC) but from our own natural birth community.

Could you describe the "destructive activity", sir?  And oh, that birth community - it really treats poor Brio and Kylomi like dirt, doesn't it?  Wasn't it also the "birth community" that forced poor Kylomi to have an unassisted birth? (Translation: no homebirth midwife would work with them because they had cheated their previous midwife and lied to the one who actually considered working with them, not to mention all the other issues that had made Naomi's name mud long since, and they freely chose not to take any of the many truly natural birth friendly hospital options available to them.)

We have actively tried to stay away from the negativity and let our actions speak for themselves, unfortunately there are so many who let the fear and negativity cloud what they know to be good. We ask everyone to stop and do two things -

1. Look around - see the good being done
2. Look at our Brio Birth Facebook Page - the largest in natural birth education - and again see the good that is being done

Rest assured, Brio, your actions have definitely spoken for themselves.  Very loudly.  And more people are beginning to notice.  One thing we can agree on - everyone should definitely look around  Take note of the defunct website that was designed to be an ad server and couldn't even do that right.  Browse through the recycled months-old blog posts.  Search for an educator near you!  If you can even turn up any results, they are likely educators who left Brio over a year ago.  Many will openly denounce Brio.

While you're at it, go ahead and look at the Brio Birth Facebook page.  So it's got a ton of likes - you can get those when you make a full-time job of trying to drum them up.  It is completely possible to buy likes, and one of Brio's favorite techniques is to steal IP and redistribute it as their own.  So please, go look at the "good" that is being done by posting stolen memes, re-posting fan questions, and putting up vapid discussion topics such as "what two things will you miss about parenting when your kids are grown?".  Maybe it's engaging a Facebook user that would otherwise be a serial killer out harming people.  That would be some "good", I guess.  

We are disappointed and sad that a few voices have been enough to stop this brave mother from sharing her birth with the world.

So how, exactly, have these "few voices" - whoever they are: Indiegogo? the Birth Community?  the One-Armed Man? the Media? - stopped this event, let alone a mother sharing her birth with the world, which she could do without the stain of Brio on it?  Since when does "negativity" stop an event?

We cannot give those voices power and we will not go quietly into the night. We are continuing on with the birthLIVE project, just slower than we had hoped, with Brio Birth will be funding the events.

Oh, we are quite sure you will not go quietly into the night.  That is why Birth Scam Report, its readers, and more and more of your victims will be there, watching your every move, protecting the mothers, babies, and unsuspecting birth professionals from your scams.

We at Brio Birth want to thank Nicole, Matt and her birth team for their courage and love for each other - you are inspirations to all of us.

I think everyone wishes Nicole, her family, and her birth team the best.  No one ever "harassed" Nicole, despite Brio's vigorous protests.  No one was even really harassing Brio - the only thing "harassing" Brio was their own history of misdeeds.

In summary, a lot of whining and finger pointing, not much of substance.  Moving right along...      


  1. Once again, lying. Every time something doesn't work out for them, it is someone else's fault. If they really wanted to do something and move on. Pay all your debts, and THEN move on.

  2. Don't visit their site and look around. That is the only way they have left to make money, although the income from ads must be as miniscule as Kyle's brain.

  3. Sounds to me like the mom pulled out after finding out what a scam Brio/Kylomi are.

    I know Brio/Kylomi are small potatos, but at some point law enforcement really should get involved. The mental image of Kyle in a prison jump suit brings a smile to my face. :)

    1. I *wish* that were the case...but she is still posting in support of them on FB. I think they had to shut it all down because they couldn't afford to purchase even one camera to live-stream with.

  4. The person who created the leaf logo just posted that she was never paid in response to a post questioning if Brio was a legit organization.

    1. where was that posted? and did you screen shot that?

    2. It was posted on a closed Birth Professionals Facebook group - not a Brio owned one, obviously.

  5. Surprise, surprise, surprise.....

  6. I actually got an e-mail from Indiegogo (and I know other people did as well) that indicated that the campaign was taken down due to suspected fraud--Indiegogo used the word "fraud," I did not need to translate politically correct phrasing.

    I've been in regular contact with most of the individuals who were involved in the discussion on Brio's event page that the Brio Bunch keeps referring to as "harrassment." To my knowledge, none of them had any contact with Indiegogo until AFTER the campaign was taken down. The contact with Indiegogo was merely to clarify why it had been taken down since Brio was claiming to have been hacked. There is some suspicion that the AAHCC may have contacted Indiegogo and let them know that they would get an order for all funds to be garnished (they did do this with Brio's PayPal account), but I don't think there is any official proof that happened.

    I've also seen no evidence of "Brio haters" contacting people who were attending the event on a wholesale basis. Some select individuals have been contacted in an effort to warn them that they might be scammed by Brio. But anything more than that would be much too time consuming for individuals who are spending a LOT of time doing good in the world.

  7. I for one am DISGUSTED with Brio's insinuation that people were "harassing" the mother. I followed the entire conversation on the Facebook thread, and I never once saw anything but good thoughts directed at Nicole. Brio - different story. Ellen was exactly right when she said they were using her as a human shield. Their campaign was removed from Indiegogo due to flagging its fraud algorithms, not due to people telling the truth about Brio's activities on a Facebook thread. I would love to see a single instance of harassment, or the tiniest bit of evidence that "haters" were somehow responsible for the removal of the Indiegogo campaign.

    Of course, Brio knows harassment - how many people did Kyle physically intimidate or threaten? I don't think anybody went and banged on Nicole's door, or physically assaulted her.