Monday, December 17, 2012

Who Would Associate With VERY Serious Offenders?

Apparently, Gina Crosley-Corcoran, known to many as The Feminist Breeder, would. On her own blog, TFB reveals that she has gotten into a little intellectual property tiff with another blogger who is notorious in the birth world.  She notes that copyright infringement - in the form of the re-posting of a photo that she originally posted - is "a VERY serious offense."

Yet who is she inexplicably supporting and defending?  You guessed it - Brio Birth, the folks who can't seem to stay out of IP trouble.  Brio has aggressively courted TFB from its inception, due to her blog following. They even paid for advertising to sponsor her live blog of her homebirth, giving her the coveted distinction of being one of the few who was actually paid in full by Brio for services rendered.

There has been some confused speculation over the past year and a half about TFB's support, lack thereof, or shifting opinion regarding Brio, but make no mistake - her comments on their BirthLIVE cancellation thread were strongly supportive.

Multiple messages from knowledgeable parties about Brio's unethical and criminal activities, including their history of IP theft, have been met with a brush-off from TFB, who prides herself on her savvy and on her ability to stick up for the victim (as long as she decides the victim is worth supporting).  I wonder how she would react if Brio reposted one of her pictures - or any of her blog content - as their own?  She'd probably be blinded by a "thanks to The AMAZING Feminist Breeder! Warmly, Naomi" or a "we'd love to give credit"...

Because, after all, Brio is no Dr. Amy. They're much less honest about who they are, and much more damaging to the birth world.


  1. "They even paid for advertising to sponsor her live blog of her homebirth, giving her the coveted distinction of being one of the few who was actually paid in full by Brio for services rendered."

    Oh, my -- now THIS made me chuckle! Thanks for a great laugh to start my day!

  2. Pam,

    It made me laugh, too! You know I'm surprised that TFB would be associating with them when she does speak up and smack those that do do wrongs. I no longer following her because I cannot stand hypocrites.

  3. Hi. I just wanted to send a message. I am a doula who just discovered the scam that is Brio. This site/news about Brio is fascinating and scary. I was just wondering something. points to your old blog saying you had court records, detailed info on exactly what happened, etc. It looks like you had to start a new blog possibly b/c brio's name was in the old one, but could you put all that old information up here. You have touched on the problems with brio but not to the extent that it sounds like it was once detailed. It would be really helpful to have that all explained more. Also, you may want to let Bradley know you have a new blog since they want people to read the truth you are sharing. Thanks!

    1. Just so you know, this blog isn't authors by the same person as the Brio Vent blog. I think the author of this blog does have some sort of copy of the old website with all the information on it, though, and it would be great to see more of that old information posted here. I do know for sure that the Bradley folks know about this blog.

    2. Yes, it would be very helpful and informative to have this old information posted, especially for new people who are just finding out about all of this. Could the owner/moderator of this group please re-post some of those old records?

  4. Yes Karl sued to take down the previous blog even though all it did was tell the truth. He didn't like the light being shown on the scam he bought from Kyle.

    By the way there is a lot going on and you should hear more soon. Brio is not a happy place right now. Let's hope it ends soon.

  5. All good to know. Thanks.

  6. You couldn't pay me to read itJanuary 30, 2013 at 4:20 PM

    So has anyone been over to The Feminist Breeder's page recently? She's charging people now to read her posts.

    Ummm...thanks Gina, but I'll pass...

  7. Her current worldwide Alexa ranking is 155,136
    Her US ranking is 52,710

    I just wanted to record this somewhere so that if I wanted to check back in a couple of months to see how the "pay to view" website is working out for her, I could.

  8. Anonymous on March 11th, your post prompted me to check!

    It's been almost a year since you posted, and here are the current stats for
    Global Rank 188,402
    Rank in United States 79,686

    *wah, wahhh*