Sunday, May 20, 2012

A New Facebook Group

Birth Professionals of the World is a relatively new Facebook Group started by former members of Birth Professionals of America/Birth Professionals International.  It was created in early March to be a safe, inclusive space.  The admins intend for it to be a space of open sharing, not a money-maker of any kind.  It is worth noting that there are a couple of members in the group whose ties to Brio may arouse suspicion, however, they are not admins.  The admins are trustworthy, and will take action as necessary to avoid drama.  Current and former members of BPI, as well as professionals who were never members of BPI due to its ties to Brio, are joining daily.   If any birth professionals out there are looking for a safe community of birth professionals to join, this may be of interest.


  1. Okay, I know people don't want to add hits to the Brio site...but every once in a while I do stop by to see how it is doing.

    What is up with it? Right now it shows up too wide on my literally fills my whole computer screen left to right with no sort of margins on each side. It is all left justified. The first video box says "Sorry This video does not exist."

    Then there is a long scrolling of lead ins to their "blog" posts, ending with the "What is Brio" article that was written in early 2011.

    Finally at the bottom are all the site navigation links--again left justified--that used to spaced out horizontally across the page. Then of course the line that the site is Copyright 2012 by Embri-scam Group Inc and Brio is a licensed trademark of Embri-scam Group Inc. Note that it is just a is not REGISTERED. So really, any other childbirth group could call themselves Brio if they wanted to (BLECH!), and Kylomi/Karl couldn't really stop them.

  2. Naomi and Kyle apparently believe that putting a (TM) after any name they use means it is a legal trademark. Naomi is also planning on trying to take action against the Birth Professionals of the World group because it apparently stole the idea of the Birth Professionals International (TM) group and BPI is "trademarked." However, there was a birth professionals of the world group YEARS before BPI was created. I'd like to see how far she gets with that.

  3. Oh my...seriously...Naomi is going to take legal action against BPW? Sigh. Doesn't that woman have some children who need her attention?

  4. She's such a she-douchebag. I just can't even think of the female version of a douchebag. But that's what she is.

  5. Why are they still in business with all the compelling evidence of scamming?