Saturday, May 12, 2012

Parking Pass Scam

With the pool of educators from which Brio Birth can con money running dry, they are finding ways to take their scam directly to the pregnant population that we honest birth workers serve.  Their latest effort is to sell women in their third trimester a six-month "courtesy pass" that they can hang in their car and park in handicapped spaces.  Unfortunately, the placards are just as much of a scam as the rest of Brio Birth - they are not valid under the law, and if a woman tried to use it in her third trimester or the rest of the time allotted after the baby was born, she would find herself out not only the price she paid for the hang tag, but also the amount of the parking ticket she'd incur for using a handicapped spot without a valid permit.  When Brio sought media coverage for the "launch" of this effort on the Friday before Mother's Day, Denver channels 4 and 9 answered - with coverage about a scam selling bogus parking passes to pregnant women.  Here are the links to the news stories:

9 News

Channel 4 (via Yahoo News)

Kyle finally got himself on television, but probably not the way he was hoping.  In his efforts to backpedal and deny that he was illegally selling invalid handicapped parking permits, he basically said that people could buy them, but he would not send them out.  So, taking people's money, then not giving them the product or service they paid for - does this sound familiar?

The response essay offered by Brio Birth (search for the comment by "Brio Birth" several comments down) is also full of contradictions, and probably too long for most people to care to read.  Sadly, it appears from the replies that a few people are still fooled.


  1. I would not be surprised if most, if not all, of the "still fooled" people are Naomi alts or people she's personally snowed.

  2. earthybirthy, I can see what you're saying, but there needs to be some way to get the information out there. I think that this new blog owner, whoever it is, was very thoughtful in backing up the content. I don't know what injunction is out there right now, but if the owner of this blog is not under the injunction, I don't see what the problem is.

    I guess to be safe the owner could simply re-write the content of the blog, but it would be the same content, presented in a slightly different way. At this point, I'm happy that the information is still available.

  3. If a new person starts a new blog and has new content with sources that back the story (hence it is not in any way hearsay or libel or slander as these are two legitimate news sources with the person in question appearing and speaking on the topic), I can't see how this person is under the other injunction. Are they at risk of KylomiKarl taking them to court for an injunction--yes, of course, but for the moment they are safe. And frankly, this DOES need to get out there. I looked at their wretched website just yesterday and they still refuse to take off educators who absolutely are not in any way connected to Brio any more. They pad their teacher roles with names of those who adamantly oppose everything Brio is doing and those teachers have no recourse. I have two friends on that teachers' directory who I KNOW are not teaching Brio, nor do they want their names on that directory.

  4. Oh, I just realized all the old content is there too. Yeah, I now agree. If you just put up the latest scam then I think you would be safe but this is deliberately contradicting a court order. Foolish. I would take it down right now. Maybe repost on the parking pass scam, but the rest of it IS under injunction. Be careful ladies. Don't let your anger make you endanger yourselves.

  5. In case I didn't communicate it clearly in my previous post, absolutely no content was turned over to me. I have been on top of this for some time, and I backed it up over the internet, because I thought someone might try to take the blog down either through a lawsuit like the one described in the SLAPP post or by hacking. I would not put either past the Brio Bunch. No, I would not call this a simple copy and paste job. Anybody who would simply copy and paste content to back it up is doing a lot more work than they need to. Yes, I could rewrite the blog in the excessive spare time that I don't have - my lunch is only so long - but depending on how any injunction might be worded, if it covers what I'm doing now, it would likely cover what I'd be doing then. If it doesn't cover what I'd be doing then, it shouldn't cover what I'm doing now.

    In any case, I will be spending the time that I don't have un-publishing previous posts so that everyone can spread the link without being concerned... And then I'll start re-writing content and putting it up as quickly as I can in order to keep the truth available.

    Thank you to those of you who have commented and who have sent me messages in private. I appreciate that most of the messages were clearly out of genuine concern. There were a couple that I could not verify. I don't mind a small delay, though. As one person pointed out in a private message, you can find just about anything cached on Google, so it's still going to be out there until I can get more posts up.

  6. can't you put up the public court documents for a start?

  7. Thank you to those of you who have been supportive of this effort so far and of the original Brio Vent. earthybirthy, I would not normally want to do this, but for now I think I will take you up on your suggestion and delete those comments. I do believe that you mean well, and anon 10:02, I believe that you mean well too. I appreciate your support. Anon 12:09, thank you for your generous offer! If you are interested in helping put the content together, please e-mail me at Thank you all for your patience as I try to pick up where Brio Vent was cut off. I hope that we will see some resolution there soon. If it is a temporary order, those don't usually last very long, and I have no doubt that when Melissa gets to set the facts straight, everything will go in her favor.

    1. I apologize, deleting those comments has caused the replies to be deleted too. If that is a problem for anyone, please let me know and I will see what I can do to re-post.

  8. I'd like to hear more about what happened to the briovent blog. I know an injunction was ordered against it, but by what court? When is the next hearing? What can be done to show the judge that this is all true?

  9. Since we already know that Brio takes down anything negative posted on their facebook page, who would like to help post a link to the story on the pages of people who are friends of Brio? Maybe they would reconsider that relationship.